Next Steps

We are working on these next steps for 2021-2022:

  • We continue to work on the cabin condo project that will improve our infrastructure and renovate our barn;
  • We are also welcoming a limited number of new members, which brings energy to Pinnacle Project.
  • We continue to contend with the exclusionary zoning rules of the Town of Lyme. Current zoning language permits only 4 building lots on our 100 acres, even though the ordinance purports to have "three acre zoning".
  • However, there's a growing realization in Lyme, and in the Upper Valley, that restrictive zoning ordinances cause problems, so we remain hopeful that the ordinance can be changed to permit many good options for housing.
  • Consequently, we are using a combination of strategies to be able to begin building, with our goal to complete our first homes in the spring of 2023.
  • We are also considering how we might bring a Skilled Nursing facility to our property using the Green House Project model.