Own a Cabin at Loch Lyme Lodge


Let Loch Lyme Lodge become your Forever Place, one your family can enjoy now and for generations to come. You could simply become a Member and join a group of friends and long-time Lodge guests who are members now. You might, in addition, decide to purchase one of our 22 cabins in the Loch Lyme Lodge and Cabins Condominium. Both Membership and Cabin Ownership allow you to come enjoy the property, swim or boat, garden, enjoy meals from the restaurant or bring your own picnic suppers to watch the sunset.

While Loch Lyme Lodge will, of course, continue to be open to the public, welcoming guests and hosting events, Members and Cabin Owners get the benefits of discounts and first dibs on cabin reservations.

Memberships and cabin sales allow us to protect the Lodge and improve our barn and infrastructure. All members benefit from Loch Lyme Lodge's upgrades including electric/water/septic and making the barn a marvelous place to play music, hang out, and even do your laundry when you’re staying here.

Cabin Owners own their own cabin (not a time share), share in profits from their cabin’s rentals, and avoid the hassle of opening and closing the cabins, maintaining the property, etc. Six of our 22 cabins are sold, but there are still cabins for sale for as little as $133K (sale price plus membership plus assessment).

Look at the cabins online and then give one of us a call: Liz Ryan Cole – 802.274.1511; Rich Brown – 603.795.2525

For more information, read these materials or contact Liz Ryan Cole (802-785-4124) or Rich Brown (603-795-2525) or email info@pinnacleproject.info.

This communication is provided for informational purposes only, does not constitute an offer for the sale or disposition of any interest in a condominium unit, and is subject to change. Use and occupancy of all condominium units will be subject to the terms and conditions of a condominium declaration, bylaws, and other documents in accordance with the N.H. Condominium Act, N.H. RSA chapter. 356-B. In addition, this communication may be subject to state security laws and local planning regulations which may affect the final documents.

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