Pinnacle Project at Loch Lyme Lodge

Did you ever wish you had a big rambling house on a pond with fruit trees and gardens – a place you knew and loved and could always return to? Do you love gatherings with family and friends enjoying great food and stimulating conversation? Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint and your living costs? Do you enjoy living around people who reflect a mixed age range? Do you want a home where you can raise your children? Age in community? Live in a place your children and grandchildren love to visit? Pinnacle Cohousing at Loch Lyme Lodge was formed to create private homes and shared spaces that will help us meet those dreams.

We own 115 acres on Post Pond in Lyme, NH, home to a long-established hospitality business, Loch Lyme Lodge and Cabins, which has a restaurant and commercial kitchen in the old cape, rustic cabins, private waterfront on a lake, gardens, a lovely large barn and even clay tennis courts. Loch Lyme Lodge provides vacation stays for long-term guests including families who have been coming decade after decade.

Pinnacle members are a mixed group. Some are in couples and others are not, some have children and some do not. Some have known each other since college days, others met here in the Upper Valley and still others were long-term guests at Loch Lyme Lodge who wanted to make the Lodge their own. We work in law, medicine, teaching, computing, retail and fund raising. Some enjoy singing while others write and direct on stage. Some are retired and some have young families. Some live here in the Upper Connecticut River Valley and some live farther away, in Massachusetts, Kansas, Maryland, and California. Our members are passionate about many things: gardening, hiking, reading by the pond, baking and other cooking, making music and creating in wood, clay and metal. When we are able to build, we anticipate having both our own pets and farm animals and in the interim welcome well behaved pets to the Lodge.

The Pinnacle Project, LLC wants to build intergenerational (not seniors only), sustainable (a lighter footprint on the land), mixed-income (teachers, plumbers and cooks) homes, built using clustered neighborhood design (cohousing). We haven’t been able to build those homes because Lyme’s zoning does not, at least yet, support this type of home building, but our silver lining was finding the community that is the guests who return generation after generation to Loch Lyme Lodge.

Although we can’t live here yet, Pinnacle Members enjoy spending time on our land, whether walking or skiing the Carriage Trail, gardening (fruit trees, berries, flowers, vegetables), kayaking and swimming, or just reading in the shade. We enjoy occasional meals together, sometimes as pot lucks and sometimes prepared by the Lodge chef. Members can be found enjoying ice cream from the kitchen window and BYOB drinks of a summer evening with family, friends and Lodge guests. We invite you to read our Vision Statement, which expresses our shared goals. If you think you might be interested in becoming a member, please read that section of this web site and then please get in touch.