Pinnacle Project at Loch Lyme Lodge

The Pinnacle Project, LLC was formed to build intergenerational (not seniors-only), sustainable (a lighter footprint on the land), mixed-income (teachers, plumbers, nurses and cooks) homes, using clustered neighborhood design (cohousing). We haven’t been able to build those homes because Lyme’s zoning does not, at least yet, support this type of home building, but our silver lining was finding the community that is Loch Lyme Lodge - the guests who return generation after generation. We operate the Lodge while continuing to work toward building cohousing on our land.

Although we can’t yet live here, Pinnacle Members enjoy spending time on our land, whether walking or skiing the Carriage Trail, staying in a cabin, gardening (fruit trees, berries, flowers, vegetables), kayaking and swimming, or just reading in the shade. We enjoy occasional meals together, sometimes as pot lucks and sometimes prepared by the Lodge Chef. Members can be found enjoying ice cream from the kitchen window and BYOB drinks of a summer evening with family, friends and Lodge guests.

We invite you to read the Spirit behind Pinnacle Project and our Vision Statement which express our shared goals. If you think you might be interested in becoming a member so that you can help preserve and enjoy our community and the land, even if you don’t ever plan to live here in cohousing, please get in touch.

Liz Ryan Cole, Rich Brown, Judy Klavans
Managers, Pinnacle Project