Cabin Condominium at Loch Lyme Lodge

You can now own a cabin at Loch Lyme Lodge. For an up-front purchase price plus an annual assessment, owners can upgrade their cabin and use it any time it is not rented. Cabin owners receive a share of their cabin’s earnings.

If you reserve a week or two for your own use in the high season, and let us manage the rest, our projections indicate that after covering the cost of the annual assessment, you'd also receive a small cash return.

Summary: Cabin owners who keep their cabin in the rental pool, reserving a week or two in the high season for themselves as well as unlimited time in the off season, should be able to cover costs associated with their cabin and, under most scenarios, have a modest positive cash flow at the end of each year.

We will continue to operate the hospitality business as we do today – you avoid the effort and expense of opening and closing the cabins, and managing rentals the rest of the time.

We are offering 19 cabins for purchase. Owners will have their own cabin (not a time share), will be able to upgrade their cabin, and may sell to current or new Pinnacle members or pass on to children.

The total price for a cabin ranges from $116,000 to $202,000, and includes

  • a per-cabin Footprint price
  • a capital contribution to become Pinnacle Project Member ($21,000),
  • an additional Cabin Member capital contribution ($30,000),
  • an Initial Cabin Assessment for infrastructure improvements to the site, and
  • a $40,000 budget for cabin upgrade (the amount cabins owners actually spend will vary).

The cabin Footprint price is based on the cabin’s size, location, footprint, rental history, etc.

The Pinnacle Membership ($21,000) provides several benefits:

  • joining a multi-generational community of friendly people;
  • decision-making involvement in Pinnacle Project;
  • visiting and enjoying the common property whenever you like;
  • an 80% discount on money you spend at the Lodge (capped at $500 per year); and
  • early reservations on cabins.

The Cabin Membership ($30,000) gives additional benefits, including:

  • Owner’s share of earnings - 75% of your cabin’s “annual earnings” at the end of each season;
  • a role in decision-making within the cabin condominium (i.e., homeowners) association; and
  • use of your own cabin on your schedule, subject only to prior bookings of guests or weddings

For more information, please contact Liz Ryan Cole (802-785-4124) or Rich Brown (603-795-2525) or email

Note: This communication is provided for informational purposes only, does not constitute an offer for the sale or disposition of any interest in a condominium unit, and is subject to change. Use and occupancy of all condominium units will be subject to the terms and conditions of a condominium declaration, bylaws and other documents in accordance with the N.H. Condominium Act, N.H. RSA chapter. 356-B. In addition, this communication may be subject to state security laws and local planning regulations which may affect the final documents.