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Own a Cabin at Loch Lyme Lodge

We are looking for 3 more people to purchase a cabin in the cabin condo development at Loch Lyme Lodge. The total out-of-pocket cost (cabin price plus assessment plus improvements) ranges from $116K to $256K. Owners are responsible for an annual assessment and get discounts, early reservations, and a share of their own cabin’s annual earnings.

Pinnacle will continue to operate the hospitality business, as it does now, so owners may enjoy their cabin, but avoid the effort of opening and closing, maintaining the grounds, and the other hassles of summer cabin ownership. Because owners share in their cabin’s earnings we project that once our upgrades are complete, owners who enjoy their own cabin a week or two in the high season should still receive a modest cash return.

Cabin ownership provides a way for families to enjoy and pass along the Loch Lyme Lodge traditions, while improving the infrastructure and expanding the hospitality business income.

For more information, read our two-page summary, or contact us at info@pinnacleproject.info. Thanks!

Summary: Cabin owners who keep their cabin in the rental pool, using a week or two for themselves in the high season, should be able to cover costs associated with their cabin and, under most scenarios, have a modest cash return at the end of each year.